What a Life!

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there – Lewis Caroll

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A directionless life is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Going through the daily routines without a plan, living on a whim, just doing life as it comes (anywhere belle face).  No God.

Empty days, lonely nights. You need something to fill up the void and so you find solace in sin. A call here, an invitation there. One party, two parties and then some drinking and smoking. One hangover after the other. Your life is a mess, high today, low tomorrow.

Oh well, life happens! A one night stand and before you know it, you can’t control your sexual urges. Your life is full of temporary pleasures and experiences. Fixes that never last. You forget what it means to actually live and find happiness in the simplest things.

The one true fix is JESUS and he can fix you permanently. That’s what you actually need. Forget the temporary fixes and let Him in.

Prayer: I’m broken Lord, fix me. No more temporary fixes, I want you permanently, I need you, I choose you. Come into my life and give me peace. Amen

P.S- Buy a bible or download one, join a church and experience life on the other side, the better side.

The Year of Leaps!

Hi guys,

Is anyone else as excited as I am for 2017? Whoop! Whoop!. When I got my word for 2017, I knew I was in for an amazing ride. I’m not oblivious of the fact that it’s going to be a lot of work but I’m absolutely ready to put in effort this year and see results.

Here are some tips I’ll like to share for 2017:

  • Pray –  like you will lose your life if you don’t because you actually will (to the devil).
  • Watch – be conscious of what you let into your immediate environment, the friends you keep, who you take advice from etc
  • Write – get a journal, write down the vision. Get a gratitude journal, write down your breakthroughs( you will remember to thank God for them). Get a planner, plan your day. Get a prayer note, write down people and things you want to pray for . Get a diary, meditate.
  • Be deliberate – make everything deliberate. Choose to be happy, choose to laugh, choose to grow your relationship with God. Live Intentionally.
  • Give Thanks – thank God for the seemingly small things and the explosive miracles.
  • Fast – bring that body under subjection. Be deliberate about waiting on God.
  • Work – actually put in your best on the job and in business. God is crowning efforts with success this year.
  • Socialize – you are not an island. Make friends. Make sure you bring something to the table in your friendships as well.
  • Love – let yourself love people. Genuinely show love.
  • Give – y’all know givers are the best receivers
  • Study – the word is the only map that shows you how to do life correctly. Study the word daily.
  • Live within your means – don’t spend what you don’t have.
  • Save – plan your income. Put something away for your projects and the future.

I’m holding on to this for 2017. I’m being very deliberate about my life. I hope you are too…

Happy New Year!! be-deliberate


What does it mean to be intimate with someone or something? The dictionary puts it as ‘A close, familiar and affectionate personal relationship or a close association with and deep understanding of something’. I agree!

I really do not like long blog posts on serious issues so I will make this short.

I have heard a lot of people use the word intimate when talking about God but sadly I find it hard to see a lot of intimacy. Yes, intimacy can be seen. I know for certain that when I am really close to someone or something, people around me can easily tell.  So, I pose these questions to you and me today; Are we really in an intimate relationship with God? Does He occupy our waking thoughts? Is He the last thing we think of before we go to sleep? And do we giggle in excitement when we remember our conversations with the Holy Spirit? The psalmist said, ‘As the deer pants after the water brooks, so does my soul long after thee- Psalm 42:1. The profoundness of depth embedded in this simple verse and the degree of love translating to intimacy is one that gets me every single time. David was literally saying ‘I am thirsty for you, you are water to me, life giving, my source and sustenance, I want you, and you quench my thirst. How Intimate!!!!!!!

Someone who is thirsty will go searching for water to quench his thirst. Intimacy stems from knowledge, fellowship, koinonia, talking, communicating, staying etc … You know how you call that one person you just want to tell how your day went and FAF without end? Exactly! You give that person deets about every aspect of your life. It might be a friend or someone you are in a relationship with or even married to. Well, that is how our relationship with Christ is meant to be. Remember, He is the Husbandman, the Church is the Bride and You are the Church. You see why you have to be intimate? Intimacy with God doesn’t help God, It helps you, It grows you and gives you a sense of purpose. I have been reading some Benny Hinn books recently and I really just want to delve into the level of koinonia he talks about. When we fellowship, discerning becomes easy, we make the right decisions and know what to do, when to do and how to do. Why? Because the holy spirit is present and we are sensitive to his presence!  So people, let’s  talk to Him, tell Him, fellowship with Him, communicate, and stay in His presence.

There’s got to be more than this

He is calling us deeper.

It is time people!

Let’s get intimate!

My Two Cents – Define That Relationship!

define your relationship

I am supposed to head to the gym right now, but this dropped in my heart and I am just going to drop it here because it might be for someone. I am no relationship expert, I have only been in one relationship in my life(which has ended) and I belong to the school of thought that believes that as Christians, we shouldn’t get into a relationship with any and every Tom, Dick and Harry in the name of dating. I have however had crushes on several people( Don’t blame me, I am Human), Some of this people are aware and some of them are not. I recall a certain someone saying to me that “It seems I find it very easy to forget people I claim to really like”. I just LOL’d. The truth is i never really forget, but then I believe it boils down to ‘self control’. Sometimes, I pick up my phone to call someone and after replaying in my head how i expect the conversation will go, I just drop the phone.

Frankly, I have come to realize that it is better not to ‘feed’ this kind of relationships. The ‘Undefined Relationships’ are the worst, they wear you out emotionally and drain you spiritually. Don’t feed them. Define your relationships, If it is FRIENDSHIP, let it be in every sense of it. If it is COURTSHIP, let it be in every sense of it. Do not live the kind of life my people refer to as ‘any where belle face”.

I recently almost went down that road again, oh yes, I have been down that road before..LOL. It took a lot of willpower to step back, pause and think and of course PRAY. God is interested in every single part of your life, every single part. Do not leave him out in any aspect. So to whoever this is for, define your relationships, do not just ‘go with the flow’. Whatever relationship isn’t growing you is not for you. Let your relationships be symbiotic and let GOD always be the center. Let your words in your relationships and every aspect of your life be seasoned with salt and your actions speak louder than your seasoned words (This is also a note to myself).

I am not even going to go into all the gist about how one will know if someone should be a friend ( There is the Jonathan, inner circle of 3, the outer circle of 30 and then the crowd- read about David to understand this) or a partner. There are a lot of relationship tapes, CDs, blogs, books and above all the HOLY SPIRIT ( He is the answer in my opinion.).  will leave you to sort that one out as I am no relationship expert. 🙂

Off to the gym, Hopefully I blog more often going forward.


Stranger Here.

THE WHOSOEVER by d_darkhorse

Esther Ordia writes from the depth of her heart about God’s unconditional love. I hope this blesses you as much as it did me.


‘Truth is harder than a lie.

Dark seems safer than the light.

Everyone has a heart that loves to hide.

I’m a mess and so are you.

We’ve built walls nobody can get through

It may be hard but the best thing we can do

Is bring your brokenness and I’ll bring mine

Cause love can heal what hurt divides

Mercy’s waiting on the other side

If we’re honest.’



I had the most amazing ‘after Sunday service’ time with a friend some months ago. He said he needed to talk to me about some things and I was really excited to hear about them. I thought it would probably be about pastoral stuff or some projects. I didn’t know I was in for a surprise: a good one sha.

We took a seat at Melting Moment store in Ikeja City Mall, and cracked over the most…

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Will the Broom Sweep? Will the Umbrella shield?


I sat in the office this morning pondering on the state of the Nigerian economy. The dollar is currently exchanging for almost 200 naira, our Minister of finance is still talking theory while the economy is revealing the lapses, rumors of a post election devaluation to 220 naira per dollar, rumors of another change in budgeted crude oil benchmark rate (which in my opinion is almost inevitable as price per barrel has considerably fallen below the current benchmark of USD65 per barrel), an almost empty Excess Crude Account (ECA), talks on debts needed to fund the 2015 budget, falling stock prices, CBN who in a bid to defend the naira has put in some rather tight policies which seem to be choking our banks, boko haram who go on unleashing terror attacks, Niger delta militants threatening fire and brimstone, bad roads, consistent power failure, etc etc etc

I catch a…

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The works walk don’t work.

I have had a topsy turvy year so far. I say had because I know it is definitely over. I know the cause though, I have been trying so hard to do everything by myself, to live a perfect life, to do everything I think God wants me to do. The more I tried, the more I did what I did not want to do. I kinda forgot I was on a Grace journey and let works take me on a walk.

I found a scripture this morning. Ephesians 1:17 which says ‘I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ ,  the glorious father, may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better’. I began to think on how I had made God into what I thought He should be. I don’t want a life of ‘I think’, I want a life of ‘I know’. That is the life I want, one that is lived in wisdom and revelation because that is the only way that I can know this is God’s will and not just think it is.

I’m starting a walk of Grace. Grace without a mix of works because you truly can’t mix the two. Grace produces the works though so it will come in due time. Because like Paul said, ‘ I wana know him’. I really really wana!IMG_20150115_000003

Magic That Never Ends

Disclaimer: I am not a writer.

If you are expecting a Philosophical, thought-provoking, spellbinding post then you are definitely at the wrong place *insert yimu*. I am not a writer, I write, but I definitely am not one. I know a few writers however, those ones who make you take a book to the toilet,  kitchen( and probably burn the food you are cooking), bathroom( is this even possible?) most unlikely places. I have been a victim of good writers just like you, I know what they can do to the mind. I know how they put words together and make you believe that until you read the last word in their book, post or article, you do not have any other thing to do in life than read it. They make you read as if you were taking in oxygen, their words  springing forth and tantalizing your senses like magic, transporting you into another world, creating a brand new world for you, creating your world just for a moment. fantasy-booksThen it happens, the last word and the phrase ‘The End’ and your life goes back to normal, back to your normal boring life.  Book after book, magic after magic, none ever lasting, none everlasting. I was like you for a while, enjoying temporary magic; 3 hour spells, 4 hour spells, even whole day spells which never satisfied me. Then I found It them HIM, I found the Writer, the one who writes magic that never ends. After finding him, I found His book, the book that contains words that never die. Even when I close His book, I find his words in everything around me. Its as if I am walking in magic, continuous, perpetual magic.lostbooksI found the writer who could create my world and it wont disappear after the phrase ‘The End’ because there was no  such phrase in His book. I found the writer who spoke just two words, ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ and yet i understood perfectly what He had to say. I found the writer who showed me Magic with no time limits. I found the writer who showed me me, I found Me. get-lost-in-the-book-3 Get lost in the Book and find yourself…



A blessed day to you all. Ermmm okay, how do I start this, Lol!!! Well as a christian we all live for something, ie we live for impact, and many at times people are motivated when they hear our testimonies, what happened during the storms, when we passed through the fire etc, and how it has helped us become better people. I tell people that Christianity these days is seen as a norm, something some just have to blend into so that they’d belong somewhere, but I believe that as followers of Christ (I prefer calling myself that) we should have our Testimony of Faith! Like Bishop Oyedepo always says that we should learn to share our testimonies because someone’s testimony might be tied to it and our testimonies encourage others. I in particular have keyed into someone’s testimony and received mine. This being the reason why we (SU4C –…

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